So I’m a slacker…

Yup, totally. I had the best of intentions…

And they’re back along with me 🙂

My best friend and love was in the states visiting most of last month so I definitely didn’t eat very well. Thankfully I managed to not only maintain my loss but add another pound to it.

Today I started a new “journey” eating like a caveman… Aka Paleo. I’m not gonna sugar coat it; this ish is HARD. I’m irritable and have a headache. I’m pretty sure it’s because I didn’t eat enough food today, though. I also really feel like the benefits will kick in and I’ll feel great. Check out whole30 & Paleo on theclothesmakethegirl. G’night



Ok, so I weigh myself every day. I know, I’ve always heard to once a week, too. Dr. Oz says weighing frequently helps to lose weight and since I’m an instant gratification person I have decided to follow his advice. For the last 2 days I have lost .2lbs each day. My (male) roommate rolls his eyes to my excitement but I view it as a win. Why? First, not gaining is always a win. Second, the way weight fluctuates anyways it’s nice to see it going down at all 🙂

And it all begins

I’ve always wanted to write a blog. I never had a topic that I felt passionate about enough to think that someone would care about reading what I had to say. Now, I have that passion but I’m ok if noone reads it. That said, it would make me happy to be able to help someone else be healthier and happier through my own experience if they did stumble upon it.

I was pretty much always pretty thin, curvy but thin…until I got pregnant. Before that my metabolism was so high I could eat as much of anything I wanted to and not gain weight. I never worried about eating healthy so I never learned how to. I never learned proper nutrition. As a mother, this makes me so sad. More than anything I want my daughter to grow up healthy. Which is why I am on a mission to learn all I can and teach her by example.

As someone who is overweight it’s much harder to enjoy life. There are pains from the stress on your bones and muscles caused by the extra weight. You get winded faster. People aren’t as nice to you. I have always still been happy. I think I suffer from “skinny girl mentality” haha. I still have the confidence I had my whole life. I don’t realize I’ve gotten bigger until I see a picture of myself that someone else took. For a moment I pause and think “wow, I need to lose some weight.” A moment. Then, I resume my regularly scheduled life. I also always get healthy results from my doctor so I never worried. Last week, however, my cholesterol was 10 points higher than normal. While I know that’s not as bad as it could be, that did it for me. I had no more excuses. I wasn’t “healthy” anymore. (Of course, the extra weight was never healthy. The blood tests always coming back normal gave me that excuse, though.)

SO, I started my mission. My mission to be healthy. My mission to lose to gain more. More life, more health, more happiness. I have lost 7 lbs since then (1 week). That’s very encouraging for me to continue. I’m sure that won’t be a regular loss but it’s enough to make me feel like I’m on the right path.

Healthy is the key word.

I did so much research on how to lose weight the healthy way. This is my plan to start: 2lbs a week. 1600 calories a day. At least 50% of my food is fresh fruits and veggies. Whole grains only. WATER, WATER and more WATER. Lean meats such as fish. Vitamins. Fiber. Food/weight journal. NO soda. No butter. No mayo. No processed “white” foods. No added sugars. I eat something every 2 hours, I probably drink 2 gallons of water a day (yes, I pee every 20 minutes). I have a pretty sedentary job so I take advantage of the bathroom trips to get out of my chair! Walk, walk, walk. Eventually walking won’t make as much of a difference as it does now but in the beginning any kind of activity is going to help.

I’m excited for this adventure and will post often. I hope I can inspire someone to join me on a mission to lose to gain more. life, health, happiness.

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First goal of this journey

When I decided to start all of this I figured some mini goals would help me get to the main goal of losing weight being healthier and more confident. The first goal I set was to NOT EAT OUT FOR 1 MONTH, especially fast food. GAH how am I going to do this?! I work a full time job where I sit at my desk most of the day and with coworkers who eat out. It’ll be the workplace culture that makes it difficult to keep this up. Also, after I’ve worked allll day it takes everything I have to cook dinner. Of course I have a 6 year old so that’s mandatory =)

One other goal was NO SODA! Which I only allowed myself one a day before so it’s been a lot easier =)

How am I doing on these goals?

Eh… I haven’t had a soda buuuut I did have sushi one night. The next day I had lost 1.5 lbs so I think I’m still ok there.

Here’s a pic of my yummy dinner tonight =) Mahi Mahi and broccoli with water.


Best thing about vegetables? You can eat A LOT and it’s ok =)

side note: herbs are your best friend (more on that later)